The Flower Trend


The Flower Trend offers a Trendy Club membership where you can join to enjoy from special offers.

  • A daily, weekly, biweekly and/or monthly fresh flower program for residential or commercial properties is offered. Offices, Spas, restaurants, hotels or just any home. Anywhere you wish to enhance and finalize a design with beautiful greens and florals.
  • Hand tied bouquets or flower arrangements in decorative vases.
  • Decorative Plants for indoors/outdoors along with needed maintenance and smart planters are also available.
  • Potted Orchid Plant arrangements can be provided and replaced on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We will take care of scheduling the replacement so you never go by without your favorite florals at your home or office at all times.

Members will be given a discounted price when committing to an on-going basis. Also, 10% additional discount will be applied if they put in place a standing order for 2 deliveries or more per month.

The service includes:


  • Free initial consulting: The Flower Trend conducts an initial free, on‐site visit to the customer’s home to determine the optimum floral design plan.
  • Priority delivery program: The Flower Trend works with each customer to determine a delivery schedule. We will assure that arrangements are delivered on time according to the program purchased.
  • Maintenance program: The Flower Trend assures that their flower arrangements will be maintained in optimal condition when applicable.
  • Referral Program: The Flower Trend offers a one‐time 20% discount to each customer for every additional referral that becomes a customer.