I love what I do,

and couldn’t be more passionate.

Creating a floral arrangement for a special someone… Nothing like that happy emotion that can be transferred by sending such a love gesture and making somebody’s day! Create a beautiful table setting, collaborate on a spectacular event, teach a room full of flower lovers, add those final touches to any commercial space, hotels, homes or simply become part of family’s special moments, such as weddings, birthdays, just any occasion! Happy and pleased customers are the best part of my job.

Thankfully I love what I do, so I don’t consider it a job, but just what I love to do for a living. 🙂

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela, but have been living in the US for 23 years. My childhood years where extremely happy and very much creative and hands on, as my mother was an artist in my eyes, and it’s what I always saw and learned.  Everything she did was an extension of her creative self. She sewed and knit, made beautiful faux flower arrangements, cooked, gardened, and God knows how much more. Anything she put her heart and commitment to, she did, and it always came out beautifully. Whenever she saw something she liked, she would figure out how to make it. She raised my sisters and I to appreciate, and to see and seek beauty in everything. My dad was the responsible, most driven, and hard worker person I knew. He was in his late 50’s when I was born, so in other words, I was raised by an old school but incredibly respectful man who did not have any excuse for anything. Luck came to those who work harder and did everything with full heart. I couldn’t be prouder and blessed for everything he instilled in me.

While studying and working jobs here and there, In the year 2003 I realized that event planning was going to be my hobby, so that’s how it all started, but quickly I fell in love with just the Event Design itself. I truly appreciated and paid the most attention to all related to the décor and look of all these amazing events I was being part of.  In 2008 I decided to open my Floral & Event Design business. It started with a retail store, but after 5 years I turned it into a studio where we can now offer every single aspect of the floral industry services.


Maria Irene Guerrero

Since 2003

With over 15 years in the events and Flower business…

We can look after all of your floral needs. We are passionate about our designs and work together with our clients to create beautiful and memorable high-quality flower arrangements for any type of event or occasion. We also offer custom weekly arrangements for hotels, restaurants, offices and homes. We cover any Corporate events, personal events, Charity, Gala events, Weddings! and much more. From a small dinner table for 10, to a lush elegant wedding for 1000. No event or service is too big or small. We cater and service to anyone’s need. Look no further than The Flower Trend. We are here, eager to assist and help you with any of your floral needs!

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